Eulogy for my father

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A Eulogy for My Father

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A Eulogy for My Father

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It is her family that saw her purpose and defined her description. A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who shared your love, wisdom, and condolences with me after the passing of my father on July 14th.

It meant a lot to me. I am touched and humbled by the outpouring of good vibes from so many heart-centered people. What follows is the eulogy I wrote for my father. Jun 22,  · The following eulogy was delivered at Jimmy Lee's memorial mass at St.

Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan, June 22, Lee passed away on Wednesday, June 16th, at the age of Thank you all for. I gave the first eulogy and this is it in its entirety - minus the shaking and fumbling and trying to remember to breathe.

(You can see it on video in this post.). Today, Memorial Day, I would like to share with you the eulogy that I gave for my father who served in the U.S. Army and passed away this past March. Writing a eulogy is a gift.

There Goes My Hero: My Grandmother’s Eulogy

Your eulogy is a gift to the living and its words will help everyone, (yourself included), through the grief of loss. If your father has recently passed away, reading sample eulogies for father will help you write a heartfelt eulogy to the one you love.

A eulogy is a speech given by a friend or family member at a funeral or memorial service that pays tribute to the deceased.

Eulogy for my father
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There Goes My Hero: My Grandmother’s Eulogy